Peerless Watercolor Review and Tutorial

Hi All! As promised, I recorded a video on the Peerless watercolors. At first I wasn’t going to buy them. I was so happy with watercoloring using my Inktense pencils that I didn’t think anything could be better. Well, I am soooo glad I got these. I absolutely love them. I purchased both the Basic pack and the Bonus pack. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love the Inktense pencils and will not be giving those up anytime soon. {Read More}

How to Make Paper Flowers!

Hi All, I’m doing a little diversion today. Instead of a card, I decided to do a little tutorial on how to make paper flowers. I got this kit from Stampin’ Up! and was able to make some cool flowers, so I thought I would share. I actually learned this technique about a year ago – the flowers come out very stiff and permanent by using water. Ever since then, I’ve had dreams of doing an entire garland of flowers {Read More}

How to Tie the Perfect Knot and Bow

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