Wednesday’s Card: Holiday Photo Card, Design #1

Hi All! As you’ve heard me talk about before, I start planning my holiday cards WAY in advance. Usually by mid-August, I’m starting to think about it. And by September I’m working on a prototype. Oh my, if you could have seen my prototype this year. It was the coolest card. A waterfall Christmas tree that flipped through four different photos when you pulled the trunk. The problem? First, it had hundreds of pieces. Okay, maybe not hundreds but it {Read More}

Wednesday’s Card: Photo Cards!

Hi All, Today I am working with some new products by Top Dog Dies. Awhile back, I sent my sister a birthday card with a photo from our childhood on the front. Years later she still has it hanging on the fridge! There’s just something special about a photo. When I saw this camera die, I really wanted to incorporate a photo, so I created a birthday card for my brother with a picture he probably has never seen – {Read More}

Wednesday’s Card: My 2012 Holiday Photo Card

Christmas Photo Card

Hi All! I treat my holiday cards like gifts – my way of giving a little something to everyone on my list. So, I try to do something a little different and special. I know a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to use this holiday set, but I just couldn’t work the tree into my design. The card is a little on the whimsical side and the tree is kind of sophisticated. I was disappointed because {Read More}

Wednesday’s Card: Christmas Photo Card

Christmas Photo Card 1

Hi All! My annual Christmas card is a big project for me. I start thinking about it in August, prototype in September, then create in October. I seriously spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to come up with the most perfect card that is not too hard to replicate, since I make about 75 or 80. I think of my Christmas card as a mini-present to everyone, which is why I spend so much time thinking about it. I {Read More}

Wednesday’s Card: Holiday Photo Card

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