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  1. Today Dec.4, 2015 your card is great (tone on tone) but the video does not appear to be available. I only have a black space and nowhere to see it.

  2. Sharon pardon says:

    Hi, I just watched a video of yours about making paper flowers,it is the kit that has the little cupcake papers well that’s what I call them,a friend gave it to me I do not have the stamp with it and that’s ok.i want to find the video again so I can make some flowers I can’t find it. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  3. Dorothy G says:

    Is it true that all the past videos and cards that you made (I downloaded lots of them) can no longer be viewed at your “Darlene” site? If I join this new site will they be available there to view? I love what you have done and no doubt what you continue to do. Thanks for sharing and $2.50 a month is really inexpensive in this day and age!

    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Hi Dorothy. Yes, every single one of my videos is available at the new site, plus LOTS of others. Hope to see you there. 🙂

  4. Kathleen says:

    I am really disappointed that I cannot access things you have done before you started your new website with a fee involved. I really enjoyed your videos and techniques and understand you want to go to a paid site but I think it is unfortunate that you took away all that you have shared before this.

    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Hi Kathleen. I kept several of the articles free and continue to post at least monthly here.

  5. What happened to your other site? I thought that site was going to be accessable? Did I miss something? Thanks.

  6. Karen Moore says:

    So I can’t view the gallery anymore I have to pay on your new site?

  7. Suzanne Law says:


    I am so excited for you and I know it will be a HUGE success! I always look forward to Wed to review your latest video and now I am excited that you will be posting 2 video(s) a week! I am officially a LiveLoveCards member!!!!!

  8. Oh my god…these are very beautiful……..thank you

  9. Fizza R. says:

    I love making cards, and most of the time, I take your ideas, they are all so amazing! My most favourite card so far is the “Tri-Fold Shutter Owl Party” Card. Also, can we order these stamping kits from Pakistan?(that is where I live) And how can we order them?

  10. So much to look at and so many ideas to try. I love it all.

  11. I just love your blog! I’ve learned so many new things from you, thank you very much. If I knew your address I’d mail you a thank you card. Lol:)

  12. eric quimico says:

    Nice gallery..inspiring designs

  13. I love your cards and I enjoy listening to you. You are very to understand. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Karen Zoch says:

    Love Love your videos you are my favourite past time Thank from Queensland Australia I tell everyone about you

  15. Di Jackins says:

    You certainly deserve a vacation with your wonderful family!! Your girls are precious!
    What a joy! Relax Darlene, we will all be here waiting for you.
    Thanks for all you do – I enjoy all so very much and have copied some of your beautiful cards. :>)

  16. Hi Darlene, thanks so much for this most useful tool. I sometimes get a bit stuck for new ideas but now I can just check out this page & I will be sure to find something different to try.

  17. Love your designs and videos! I really appreciate the gallery section of your site. It makes it so easy to come back and select videos I want to watch again and again. You have inspired me to try many different techniques…and purchase some cool products. Just got my first set of Inktense pencils and can’t wait to try them out! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and talent!

  18. Hi Darlene,
    Congrats on the new site…thanks for the years of info and great tutorials. It’s been my pleasure learning from you, your the best.
    Best wishes

  19. Linda Jeffrey says:

    I just recently found you on YouTube. I love watching you make your beautiful cards. I have been making cards for a few years – really enjoy giving them to friends and loved ones. I am going to try a few of the ones you made. Just wanted to tell you hi and that I really enjoy your work. You are very talented. Linda

  20. You sure make a lot of cards….I almost envy you (not true). I do pretty great cards myself and I am very proud of my work.
    Keep up the good work. The best therapy ever.

  21. Nadine Lacroix says:

    Thanks Darlene, I love your gallery. It gives me ideas to make great cards. Thanks also for the video, I think a lot of woman don’t have a good perception of how great they are. The video was a great reminder.
    Your new site is great. I was afraid I would find it difficult but no.
    Have a great day!

  22. Casey Thrush says:

    Ok after looking through your gallery I have realized that you have done a TON of the cards that I have loved on SpiltCoastStampers as well as found other places online. So glad to have found your actual blog as I really really like your style. I am glad you resigned from SU and support your sister by referring friends there so we can see all of your awesome art with different brands as most of us true crafters use stuff from where ever we pick it up from and don’t tend to stick to one brand because we are “crafty” that way. I am glad you are able to stick to at least one video a week for our sake but understand about the hubby wanting you more. Thank you for devoting your time for us and I am so glad I found your actual blog!! YAY!

  23. Krystal McFarland says:

    Miss Darlene,
    Can you tell me the best paper to use when coloring with Copic Markers. I’m currently using a heavy watercolor paper but I’m noticing the texture of the paper tends to make my coloring bleed? Please help?! 🙂

  24. Patricia says:

    Darlene, I found you a few days ago, and I am so glad!! I love your gallery! I visit every day and watch a few of the videos. And I love watching you make your wonderful cards. Thank you so much!

  25. Kristin O'Connor says:

    Darlene! I am so glad I found you!! I SO enjoy watching your videos. I absolutely love card making, and your videos always inspire me. Keep them coming, PLEASE!! 🙂

  26. Meli Isen says:

    just found you!!!! love your cards and you videos!!! Love love love them!!!

  27. Denise Johnson says:

    Love your site & watching your videos

  28. Thanks for updating the gallery! I use it as inspiration when starting a card project of my own.

  29. Van Gryebet says:

    I see you updated the Gallery! You must be so proud to see all your creations ( and seeing how it motivates others in such a positive way) in one viewing like this… is this 2 years worth of cards? You go Darlene! Thank you for inspiring me when I thought I didn’t have a creative bone in my body 🙂

    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Van, thanks for your nice comment! It’s been 2.5 years – I know it’s a lot of cards when you see them in a list like this! I’m happy to know you have been inspired. 🙂

  30. Oh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE gallery section. My sister’s birthday is coming up, in like, 10 to 12 days. What kind of card should I make for her? She turning 15.

  31. I love your site, especially the Gallery!I love all the cards.However I would request you to please,please,please make cards that need only simple things like, chart paper, computer paper, ribbons, glue stick and scissors.

  32. I just discovered your site and its great!I love all those creative ideas.But I don’t have the supplies you use to make the cards.

  33. Shannon says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gallery section!!!! This is soooooo much easier when I’m looking for some inspiration or to rewatch a cool technique! You make the most beautiful cards and it is so incredibly kind of you to share them with us:)

  34. Judy I, St. Louis MO says:

    I just discovered your amazing blog. Your tutorials are wonderful. I love the way you have your gallery set up. Thank you for the great inspiration.

  35. Darlene !
    These are so nice to look at and watch the videos. You made me like to make cards. Thanks for sharing so many lovely creations. You are gifted and so talented. Hugs from France !

  36. Hi, i’ve also been a scrapper until i saw your cards. I love your step by step instructions as they are easy to follow. You do beautiful work. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
    Sandra, Sydney Australia

  37. You updated the gallery! cool!

  38. Hello! I am so glad I found you on You Tube and also your blog. You have such incredible techniques and do such an awesome job! I look forward to checking in real often!

  39. Hello! I am so glad I found you on You Tube and your blog. You do such beautiful work and I love your techniques you use! Your gallery is such fun to look at!

  40. Love your Gallery with thumbnails. Your cards are truly Incredible. You have such an Amazing tallent and are so inspiring I find myself checking back to your sight when I’m stumped. I have told so many others about your site and how Fantastic all your cards are. Sorry to hear what SU has done, I feel its very unfair as they don’t carry everything thats needed to complete a project. Only using SU stuff would limit us. They will end up seeing that losing you as a rep will hurt their business because your cards use SU products and stamps and they inspire us to want to try out the techniques you show. I know I’ve re-looked at stamp sets After seeing a project you’ve done with them but at first glance passed over them before. I wish you the best and will continue to come to your site for Inspiration all the way from Seaforth, ON Canada

  41. Love your gallery with thumbnails!

  42. Love the new gallery section. What a great way to find my past favorites.

  43. Aileen Ryan says:

    Darlene, what a wonderful idea. Just love it as there are soooo many ideas that I have seen that I want to try out and now I dont have to hunt everywhere. Your creations are just beautiful. I love the colours actually I love everything so thank you.

  44. Great new design; I also love the gallery section. Easy to get inspired by your beautiful work and videos…my favorites ever!!! So glad I “discovered” your videos and website. Thanks for doing…and being so creative.

  45. Francine G says:

    Nicely done! I love the Gallery section, it is so easy to find what you want. Sometime you want to get back at inspiration cards but can’t remember when you saw it on the blog. The mini tumbnails just pop right up; no more going thru all the blog . Yay! Can’t wait for wednesday for the next card !

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