Wednesday’s Card: Front & Back Kitties

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  1. I love your work! And I really loved this card. Now I finally got my hands on that stampset and I want to watch the video again… I can’t… I have to pay for watching it now. Not amused. 🙁

    • I so agree with you!!!! No fair, huh? If I’d known this was going to happen I would have saved it on my computer differently.

  2. I watched your front and back kitty card demo and as my family love cats I would love that stamp set. Did it also have a matching punch? Any way where do I get the set from , hope you have this info.
    I also subscribed to you but never found the return e-mail I was to get, can you also help me on this.
    Love all your cards you are wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  3. Welcome back! You were missed but glad you got away for some fun with your girls. Love the photos!
    And what an adorable card….lots of work but so worth it. Very cute, Darlene!

  4. Laurkowa Kraina says:

    Hi Darlene, I’m glad to see back!

  5. Gloria Taylor says:

    Hi Darlene, so good to see another one of your videos. Missed you as well. This week’s card is absolutely adorable. I am going to purchase these stamps so I can create this card myself, thank you and can’t wait until week for your next project.

    PS: This card would be fun to share with the group of women I meet with every third Wednesday of the month.

  6. Patty Beers says:

    Enjoyed your guests but it is great to have you back. Love your videos and your ideas, they are so inspirational and motivating.

  7. Kimberly E says:

    Love this card!!! What an adorable idea with the front and backs of the kitty’s!! Your detail is amazing as always. Glad you had a nice time and welcome back!!

  8. Hi Darlene….I love this cute little card!! those kitty stamps are on my list.. your girls are so beautiful! I enjoyed the guests last week but am so glad you are back 🙂

  9. That card is so adorable. I checked out where to get it and sadly it is out of stock. I don’t think we can get it in Australia as I have searched. Perhaps one day. I just love it. Thank you for sharing. Also I loved your guest designer’s projects. I have tried some of them. I love that Jill Foster put a video and was surprised at how the card turned out. When she put the darker colour around her image I thought “oh no” but it came out beautifully.
    Glad you got to spend some special bonding time with your girls on your holiday. Its always something to look back on.
    Once again, thank you for sharing.

  10. Laura in CO says:

    And we cannot tell you just how GOOD it is to have YOU back! Welcome home, we indeed missed you!! Thanks for indulging us with those talented guest designers, so sweet of you to think of us and set that up. This is such an adorable card, so creative with the sentiment and the kitties representing you and your girls who are just beautiful! Ahhh, Wednesdays are good again, thank you Darlene!

  11. WUV, WUV. WUV this adorable card . Welcome back. We missed you 🙂

  12. Darlene – I love this card. Such a cute idea. And all the attention to detail. I love AI stamps. Welcome back. Looking forward to next Wednesday.

  13. Yes, you have been missed but we all need some recoup time. This card is just great. I received the Holiday catalog – thanks so much for having it sent!

  14. Anita Holmes says:

    First, I want to say how much I have missed you…so ,,,,welcome back! As great as your guests were, they were not you ! I know you needed the vacation, who doesn’t….but I am glad it is over…LOL!
    Now to the card, I love it…it is so cute and you are just amazingly clever!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Now for the photo’s….you and your girls are just so beautiful, you match your voice! For sure use the one of your girls for your xmas card, it is perfect!

  15. So glad you’re back!! Love this card – it is ADORABLE! Isn’t it just like a man not to notice the inside of it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!!

  16. Laura Norris says:

    Super cute card! Only a guy wouldn’t notice the inside of that card !!
    Also- welcome back! Glad you had a nice vacation. Your guest hosts were great!

  17. Brenda Westhafer says:

    I too also glad your back, enjoy watching your videos and the kitty card is really cute!!

  18. So pretty and thoughtful and a lot of WORK- nicely done! Glad you had a nice vacation with the girls- looks like a good time with many happy memories. Be well.

  19. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Oh Darlene, your daughters are so beautiful, and yes, they’ve grown so much from last Christmas when you shared your card with us. I’m so happy you are back home, I also love vacations but, there is no better bed than mine!!!!!
    Anywho, this card is so super cute, I found Art Impressions one day while browsing Pinterest and they have really awesome cards. Have you seen the videos for their water color stamps? This is right up my alley, the stamps are small and you buy them to build up landscapes, seascapes, etc.
    I love how this little kittens are peeking through the window, it’s a bit time consuming but fun too.
    Thank you for having this awesome ladies covering for you, it was truly a fantastic treat.
    Welcome home, my dear.

  20. Welcome back- sounds like a great vacation. I loved loved loved this card. It was adorable.

  21. Teresa R. says:

    This card is so sweet! I love the little kitties peeking over the window. Thank you for sharing and welcome home.

  22. Hey Darlene! Glad you had a great vacation! What an AHHH-DORABLE card! Awww…kinda sad that your honey did not notice the backs of the kitties. I am SO glad that the ledge that you painted for the kitties to stand on was in perfect placement of the banner in the front. (Because of Copic bleed-through) WHEW!
    Thanks for sharing,

  23. Robin in WA says:

    Welcome back!!!! Glad you had a good time. Very cute card!! I learned something new today! I didn’t realize that the Peerless watercolors were permanent once they were dry. Interesting. I guess you’d have to plan for that though. Interesting. Thanks for another great video!!

  24. Welcome home, Darlene – so glad you’re back! Love this adorable card and I’ll bet your hubby did too!

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