Wednesday’s Card: Hexagon Hive

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  1. Gloria Taylor says:

    I love how u created this card. Great idea for me to possibly make my daughter’s wedding card who is getting married Aug. 9,2014. Also loved that this card can be used for other occasions with different sayings, thanks Darlene!

  2. Debbie V says:

    Happy Anniversary, Darlene and to your husband! Sounds like you had a memorable time! Was wondering when you are going to make another owl card???????? I can’t wait to get my new Stampin’ Up catalog–tracking said it is arriving today 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Margaret says:

    Have been thinking about getting this die so now of course I really need to! Great card. Happy anniversary.

  4. Cute card. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Oops!! I’m so sorry about a double post! It didn’t show that my first one posted, so I tried again, then I saw they were both there.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I love this card! Darlene, I would love to chat about how you come up with these ideas and techniques. I’m stuck on ONE technique right now and although it’s fun and I enjoy it, I want to do MORE, but I just cannot think of any! I’m stuck!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! I love this card! Darlene, I would love to talk to you some time about how you come up with these ideas. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck on one technique and can’t seem to move past it (like now!!).

  8. Hi!! I’ve just dipped my pinky toe in to water coloring…using Tim Holtz water color paper. Both times I’ve tried, I’ve had pilling of my paper. Recommendations for what I’m doing wrong? I will also have a small line of color at the very edges (inside) of the image. I emboss my images with versafine, just like you. 🙂 I posted a picture of a cupcake I water colored on Instagram, and you can really see the two items I need help with. Any recommendations you have would be tremendously appreciated. Yours always look so nice, and very smooth, maybe I should try the Strathmore paper?


    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Hi Michele, what medium are you using for your watercolor… markers? pencils? other? I too found that the Ranger paper pills sooner than my Strathmore, so I would recommend trying out the Strathmore to see if it helps. As far as the line goes, if I understand correctly, it sounds like maybe you are applying too much color at first. Try a lighter application, then repeat if necessary. Let me know if that helps.

  9. Sweet card, Darlene. Really like this stamp set and die. And Happy Anniversary. How nice of your children to treat you. Here’s to many more anniversary cards!!

  10. Beautiful card. Happy happy anniversary. There is nothing nicer than when someone does something to surprise us in such a nice way. Makes life so worth while doesn’t it.

  11. Catherine says:

    Happy Anniversary Darlene!

  12. Wonderful card….that die is fabulous!
    Happy Anniversary and how sweet that your kids participated in your celebration! It sounds like you are raising some wonderful children and I bet they are happy to call you Mommy and Daddy! <3

  13. Carol B says:

    Awesome card Darlene. Happy 24th, I am on my 41st and going strong. Your daughters are amazing to throw you a wonderful anniversary dinner at home. I did enjoy that you used SU today, so fun.

  14. Laura Norris says:

    Great card for your anniversary! Congrats on 24 years!

  15. Casey Thrush says:

    Love it! So cute. Nice to see the hexagon stuff used…makes me want it all the more!

  16. Love the card! Happy anniversary. It was our 24th anniversary on 9th June!

  17. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Dear Darlene, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND!!!!! A wish for you for many, many more years surrounded by the love of family. How sweet and amazing of your daughters to surprise you with such a creative and delicious as well as thoughtful gift.
    This card is beautiful, love this hexagon die and looks amazing with the soft colors you used for the background.
    As always, another wonderful and inspirational video.

  18. Anita Holmes says:

    Happy Anniversary….loved your anniversary story with the kids participating in such a fun way! Very romantic!
    I loved the card, actually love all your cards and look forward to them every Wed. Thanks so much for sharing, have learned so much from you.

  19. Yay for you and your hubby, marriage can be such a blessing 🙂 Hugs

  20. Robin in WA says:

    Happy Anniversary Darlene!! Congratulations on a successful marriage!! It is rare today! When your watercolor panel was dry, it didn’t seem warped. Did you do something to flatten it out? My girlfriend told me that there is a Tombow Extreme tape runner and she said it is for warped watercolor images. I haven’t seen anyone on the internet using it yet and I have my doubts about it helping much.

    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Hi Robin, yes it was pretty warped, but the dimensionals helped it a lot. My ATG gun works great on warped paper, especially if used right at the edge of the cardstock. I haven’t heard about the Tombow tape.

  21. Janice Repass says:

    Hi Darlene…..First of all Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! It’s not always easy in our crazy world to make a marriage last, and I love hearing stories of people who are making it work!
    My question is about the hexagon die. Did you just not punch out all the little hexagons? You have more solids in your hexagon than the die does. What is stopping those pieces that you stamped from popping out?
    It’s a very cute card….next year you will have to do something amazing for your Silver Anniversary!

    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Hi Janice, the die has some solid areas – not all the hexagons pop out. It’s nice because it allows for some space for your adhesive. I know – next year is a big one! 🙂

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