Wednesday’s Card: Birthday Balloons

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  1. Van Gryebet says:

    I love this card!

  2. Love your card! I’ve never used distressed paints and so glad to see how you used them!

  3. I love the look of those balloons – so much dimension… i would never have thought to stamp with distress paint…

  4. Carol Mc says:

    Fantastic card. Love those balloons.

  5. Gloria Taylor says:

    I loved that u used markers, distress paint on this really cute bday card! Darlene, you always amaze me every week with your awesome creations! I absolutely enjoy all your projects and always look forward to receive your emails, thank you!!

  6. Great Technique … love the look of the watercolored balloons using the distress paint, marker and white paint. Loll xx

  7. Hamutal Shafrir says:

    Beautiful card! I love the colors and the thin black stripes that give such an elegant look. Thank you for another great tutorial.

  8. Hi Darlene, this is a beautiful card, the ballons look amazing. I have to get one of these white Big Brush Pens. Thanks for the inspiration, Edna

  9. Kimberly E says:

    Hi Darlene!! Your card is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. I LOVE your videos and always learn so much from them. Distress paint with clear stamps…GENIUS!! I have the distress paints and now maybe I can use them a little more!! Thanks again. You are so sweet!!!

  10. This is just so cute I can’t stand it.

  11. Fab work Darlene! The balloons look so realistic!

  12. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    I really love the balloons. They look so real.

  13. Carrie Davenport says:

    This is one of my favorite birthday cards ever!! love your creativity 🙂 the balloons turned out great.

  14. Darlene ! I love this ! How lovely and what a nice work (as usual !)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Lots of hugs from France !

  15. G’day Darlene – that is one seriously rockin’ card!! Love the techniques – the colours, well really the whole card. Thank you SO much for sharing for cards and techniques every Wednesday….they are still a part of my Thursday routine here in Oz!! Hug.

  16. Maria A. Rodriguez says:

    Oh Darlene, this card is just amazing!!!!! I love everything about it, but those balloons are the stars of this video. WOW!! I got to get me some of those Distress Paints, love the fact that you can add details and shading and details while the paint is still wet.
    I’m so late coming here to watch your video, my grandkids and my husband are on Spring Break so I’m busy with all of them all day.
    Thank you for another amazing video Darlene, you are truly an artist.

  17. Suzanne Watanabe says:

    Hi Darlene!
    Wow! What a a BEAUTIFUL CARD! I love your card designs and your videos that show how everything came together. The technique you used for the balloons are amazing and realistic….you are so talented! Thank you for the inspiration! Have a great week 🙂

  18. Deana McMann says:

    Darlene, I your cards and talent are awesome. It was nice to see you blend the distress paint and marker to get such great results.

  19. Michal Chapman says:

    Darlene, you are a “cut above” the rest: from your techniques to your designs, from the pics to the quality videos! Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  20. Melissa D says:

    I love how well the Distress paint covers the clear stamp and didn’t realise that you could use the markers directly on them whilst the paint was still wet. Might have to invest in one of those white markers as I usually use a gel pen but that doesn’t give the blending effect like you have achieved. Nice work!

  21. Very nice b.d. card! Glad to see how you colored the balloons, adding the shadow and light. Makes such a BIG difference. Love your blog and videos. 😀

  22. Margaret says:

    Love your card! The balloons look 3D!

  23. Robin in WA says:

    Beautiful card!!! Could not believe my eyes when you used distress paint with distress markers! Very ingenious! Love the look of the balloons! I actually bought a White Stamper’s brush pen today, so now I too can do that look!!! Thank you for another great video Darlene!

  24. Stunning card. Love all the elements and techniques.

    I use waxed paper to cut my intricate dies an I am very successful with it.

  25. Celeste Goff says:

    What a super cute card Darlene! I always enjoy watching your techniques and just love the amazing cards you produce! Thank you for sharing with us.

  26. Melissa Friedrich says:

    I love the vibrant colors against the black and white background and that black sparkle powder, WOW!

  27. Laura Norris says:

    Another winner Darlene!! Your balloons are so realistic and I love the diagonal stripes on the background. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Just love this card, and thanks for the tutorial on colouring with the distress products, it is a great help as I am a novice, thanks again

  29. Awesome card! Love the colours too. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  30. Darlene – love, love, love this one. I love balloons and now have to get some of that great sparkling embossing powder. I agree with Jennifer – we should call you Professor Darlene!

  31. JOAN SMITH says:

    OMG Darlene you card is so amazing as I was watching your video as you were creating your balloons I just was totally mesmerized as I watched them take shape and then when you added your special touch of the light on the balloon I just shook my head in awe of it all. You are really, really, REALLY GOOD!!!!!
    My gosh girl your card is a work of art!!!! I love the way you make your videos you explain everything in such detail and thanks for keeping it real and not editing. YOU ROCK!!!!

  32. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE love love this card! How did you get to be so great????? Thank you SOOOOOOO much for having this blog and for sharing so many fantastic ideas!! I feel like I am getting FREE college card making classes!!! Thank you Professor Darlene!

  33. You are so talented and look forward to your posts every week:) Thanks for sharing a couple new ideas with the distress paints.

  34. Wanda M. says:

    Another amazing card. The way you used the white pen on those balloons gives them that extra touch you always put into your projects. Love your work, Darlene.

  35. Sharon Hayes says:

    I love the birthday card. The balloons look real. Thank you for always giving details in your videos. They are so instructive. I liked the entire card….diagonal background lines, embossed die cut Happy Birthday, the balloons, the white panel with the sentiment, and the way you adhered the balloon strings. I appreciate your videos. Thank you.

  36. Amazing! Your balloons seriously look like they are just popping off the page. Your attention to detail – to go beyond just stamping a solid image and giving them dimension is just incredible. The whole card came together beautifully. Thanks for continuing to share your talent and inspiring me!

  37. Great card, from the background to those awesome balloons. Love the reflection on them.

  38. Ashley Bradberry says:

    This card is just amazing; those balloons are so great. I really love that look for a solid stamp like that, I may have to get a distress paint to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Casey Thrush says:

    Love it! (as always!!!!)

  40. This is awesome! Love those balloons and the stripes!

  41. Richell says:

    So cute! Love how real your balloons come across! Will have to try the Distress paint and markers together also! Thanks for sharing!!

  42. One of my faves of yours, Darlene! LOVE this awesome card! Your balloons look so real! Brilliant idea to use Distress Paint and Markers together – never would have thought of that – thank you for continuing to inspire me!

  43. Love how crisp this is….and the tutorial on using the paint and the markers is great! Loved how those balloons came to life!

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