Wednesday’s Card: Need to Venti?

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  1. Myrna Sweet says:

    Darlene….I love how you did the sweater pattern….it looks so real and dimensional-I would never have thought to ink the background then stmp the sweater pattern…I am going to have to re access all my patttern stamps, If you hadn’t told us about the oops we would never had noticed. This card rocks!

  2. Love your card, so cute. Your background looks so dimensional with the frayed edges. Always enjoy seeing your videos, you do such a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Should have put my glasses on…lol..sorry, and super thanks for being my eyes for me…lol….is it a coincidence I’m looking for product to pop up the eyes???…just sayin’….SMILES

  4. What a great one layer card, and the frayed edges on the sweater knit are perfect. Love that you are so open about what you do wrong, it helps make us all less critical of our own card boo boo’s. Sorry, running behind this week, playing catch up with videos today.

  5. Looking at it on your blog I had NO IDEA that it was a one-layer. It’s absolutely SOOOOO darn cute. Thanks for the video and the idea!!! I love one layer cards!

  6. Carrie Davenport says:

    so cute!!!! I love the “sweater” stamp!

  7. Your cards are truly amazing. I so enjoy seeing what you create.

  8. Robin in WA says:

    I like how you did the knit stamp. It made a really cute card!! TFS!!!

  9. Loly Borda says:

    Love it! TFS

  10. I really like the knit background and how you used it. Cute card!

  11. Dang it… I love this so much I may need to purchase the knit stamp and the coffee set. I really want that card.. so I may have to invest and make one for myself. Always love you and your videos Darlene. You are so sweet and real – and creative. thanks for always sharing everything.

  12. P.S. Lol…where did you purchase the black enamel for the eyes?…I didn’t see it mentioned…lol..thanks bunches!

  13. I’m going to have to get that sweater stitch stamp! Luv it! You did an amazing job making it look Your daughter will luv it!

  14. Teresa Ryals says:

    Super cute card. The sweater background in now on my “must have” list. There’s so much texture in that one stamp and then when you add the little strings on the edges that makes it so much more real. Great card. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Sharman Martin says:

    Hi Darlene,
    Thanks for sharing your cards- boo boos and all 😉 I call those little mishaps “creative opportunities” and enjoy the challenge of making them presentable. I always start there before considering starting over and I usually find a solution.
    Regarding your teen daughter: hold on, the parenting “fun” is about to get more interesting. From what I can see, the challenges don’t disappear, they just change. I have a son currently going through mid 20s angst. He just got his degree but life isn’t falling together on the job front or romantically the way he expected. The real world can be a tough teacher and we all need help to navigate it. Stay strong, maintain your sense of humour and never lose compassion for those around you. (Not that you asked for my advice!!)


  16. This is so cute…love the little sentiment and the cute coffee cup! Your mistakes add interest…my mistakes are disaster! 😉

  17. Your cards are always amazing. I am with everyone else, I would not have noticed the smudge. After watching the video I had to go back to the pictures to see what you were talking about. Thanks for the inspiration you give us all.

  18. How awesome is that knit stamp and the way you made it look. Never would have guessed that it’s just one layer, amazing card! Your daughter must love it.

  19. Maria A. Rodriguez says:

    Dear Darlene: One of the things I love about your videos is that you keep it REAL!!!!! The charm about hand made cards is the little mishaps, otherwise, we would be buying the cards at the store. I love the fact that you can make a little smudge and, instead of starting over, you show it like you made it, no editing and that, my dear girl, is simple awesome!!! I know about trying to make a card look perfect but that to me is down right stressful, it will take the joy out of this joyful craft so, there!! our cards have little smudge, so what!!! this is what makes them special and why the recipients treasure them always.
    I’ve said it before…..I’m always amazed at your steady hand when you draw those vertical lines, wow!! I’ve tried but I kind of go a bit crocked, LOL.
    Anyway, your card today is charming, sweet and fabulous. I enjoyed listening to you describe how you did it, smudge and all. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, here every Wednesday.
    I always wonder what you will come up with next.

  20. Your card is adorable! It’s amazing how just adding those hand drawn details made the knit background part pop and appear dimensional…incredible work!!! Thanks for teaching me to not be afraid to add those small personal touches 🙂 Thanks for continuing to inspire and sharing your talent!!!

  21. If you hadn’t said anything I would have just thought it was part of the stamp…I know I think everyone can see my mistakes but most of the time they don’t! Very cute card!! Always love your work, whether the camera is rolling or we just get to see the final product! You’re an amazing card designer , Darlene!

  22. The card is really adorable. Love how you created the knit. Don’t worry about the video,,,we got the gist.

  23. Same here! I would not have noticed it. But I know how you feel its like a ‘zit’ you think everyone is focusing on it! I think your cards are beautiful and I love how you used the knit sweater stamp. I see stamps and wonder how they could be used, but you always give me inspiration. Please keep up your work its always great!

  24. I would have NEVER found that mistake if you hadn’t pointed it out! 🙂 I love this card and you’re right with all this cold weather, it’s perfect! Loved how you made the frayed edges around the sweater pattern. Thanks for sharing with us!

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