Wednesday’s Card: Cupcake Windows

Cupcake Windows The photos, instructions, and video associated with this card are located at, the only site dedicated exclusively to card-lovers. Click here to learn about becoming a member.


  1. Van Gryebet says:

    I can’t see this video either 🙁 are some of your videos expired Darlene? I LOVE, love, love, love, your cards! They are so creative, fun, whimsical, and easy to create! Thank you!!!!

    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Hi, if you are watching outside the U.S., some of my older videos are not viewable. 🙁 They have background music that has limited international rights.

  2. Your videos are well made. I enjoy watching them. Keep on sharing!


  3. Love it!!!sorry to hear about your DD, I didn’t know about the re-call either.have to call my doctor, thanks

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