Wednesday’s Card: Paisley Butterfly

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  1. Anna Jernigan says:

    OMGosh!!….I NEVER would have thought that butterfly (my fav) was colored right on top of that background! I, of course, never thought to do that…I would have stamped and mounted it separately, (yawn) which only goes to show that I AM learning soooo much from your videos! See, the voice-0ver is just the ticket for me…I feel like I am right there with you…(in a good way, soaking up all the tips and tools) BTW, I want some of that great glue you keep using…LOL This card is spectacular! Personally, I love butterflies, and I have some background stamps that I am visualizing with a stamped” something” (or butterfly) right on top…I have GOT to try this method. It is so beautiful!!! Also, I found something else super interesting: adhering the white card onto the black (which looks like the base, but it isn’t really the base.) Clever!!! I am having a blast here, watching your videos, then back to tidying/cleaning my craft-room…ugh, don’t ask….but, wish I could speed it up like you do your videos… it would definitely go a lot quicker…just kidding, but it feels kinda overwhelming today, because I am not feeling well, so…sigh.) But, I am determined! LOL So glad I found this site. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, I never would’ve guessed the butterfly was stamped right on the background, it just pops right off the page! So gorgeous!

  3. Wow! that card is gorgeous Darlene. I love that you always use a technique with a twist – it looks so 3D. Thank you so much for your videos – I look forward to them every week.

  4. Once again I am in awe, beautiful card and the techniques are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Another incredible project! You are so talented, it’s frightening ! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  6. Eveline van Heijst says:

    Hi Darlene, what a beautiful card. I love the butterfly.
    BTW, SU came to The Netherlands on October the 8th, I’m a happy girl. This does make ordering a lot easier.

  7. Loly Borda says:

    Gorgeous! Love your coloring and adding that black pannel was a great idea. TFS

  8. Love it, it is stunning!

  9. What a fabulous design and card! There’s so much to love here – especially stamping directly on the BG and coloring only that area. I was impressed by how perfectly you had lined that up only to realize it was all one layer! Secondly you’ve solved the problem of adding a black mat beautifully. Your explanation totally makes sense and it’s a fantastic tip. Thanks!

  10. Darlene – you did it again! Beautiful card. I love the top note die cut. And what a way to showcase it. Thank you for your wonderful ideas! Have a great rest of the week.

  11. I just found you on Pinterest, I love your videos! Ty’s!

  12. G’day Darlene, what a lovely, vibrant card – beautiful! Have you turned your camera around? I had to watch it upside down to get the card the right way up……amused the kids anyway!!!! Another great idea from you so thank you from down under, cheers…

  13. Jane Harrah says:

    Stunning and clever and I learned some new ideas! I love it.

  14. Wow, yet another brilliant card! Love the colors of your butterfly and the beautiful background. The black really does make the butterfly pop and I would have never guessed that the butterfly was stamped on the background. It looks like it is another layer.

  15. Gorgeous, I too love that background stamp!

  16. Great idea how you adhered the white card to the black panel! Love that tip!
    Very pretty butterfly and I love the way you colored and shadowed it. Such a great card!

  17. I love your technique of stamping directly on the background pattern. I have many lovely background stamps, and intend to play with this idea. I look forward to your videos every week, and thank you sincerely for making them. Holly M

  18. Gorgeous card!! I absolutely love watching you color your images!! It DOES look like you actually popped it off the page! Well done again! Thanks!

  19. Another great card. Love both the ideas of using the black cs the way you did and that butterfly is amazing. Thanks for sharing..

  20. Wow! What a beautiful card! Really like the design! The butterfly looks like it is going to fly off 🙂

  21. Great card using some of my favorite colors! I love using black on my cards and it surprises me how many people seem to be afraid of black. I just bought that Penny Black bg stamp. I was actually hoping it was the great bg stamp that I had seen on Jill Foster’s blog a long time ago. Even though I’ve seen this one on her blog as well, unfortunately it’s not the one I really wanted, but I like it anyway. As you said — it’s a small print and will make great backgrounds. I’m off to watch your video.

  22. Oh my goodness, Darlene!!!!! When I saw this card in my inbox I thougth you cut the butterfly out and pop it up with dimentionals… beautiful is this card!!!!!
    Ok, now I can go for my run in peace. I was waiting for the video, LOL.

  23. JoAnne in Wa. says:

    This is so beautiful! I love the idea of doing the black card stock in the back of the card. You are so stinkin’ clever, Darlene!

  24. So talented as usual! I have been following you for over a year now and I am still enjoying your work! Waiting to see the Christmas card!!

  25. I love this card, Darlene! It’s such a great idea to color right over the background stamp. I shared your link on the Stamp Fever Facebook page, I’m sure our ladies will love your tutorial.

  26. GORGEOUS.. what a fabulous tutorial again Darlene! Thanks you so much!

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