Wednesday’s Card: Silhouette Posies

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  1. Faye Cayten says:

    Just came across your blog, on a group I’m in on Facebook. Have been checking out your page for two days now. Absolutely beautiful cards. Love the YouTube videos you add as well to show how they are done. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

  2. Good for you for selling your old stamps! Too bad I’ll be working for 13 hours 🙁 And… I JUST bought the Fifth Avenue Floral, Awash with Flowers, Loads of Love, and Furry Folks stamps! If only I had known – I would have liked to get them 50% off! 🙂

    Have fun selling tomorrow and just think about all of the new stamps you’ll be able to get! Thanks again for posting your videos.

  3. Melissa D says:

    So simple yet makes such and elegant card. A great idea to use for making a batch of similar cards for the combat cards group who send handmade cards out to our troops to use.

  4. Oh Darlene, not only do I look forward to watching your incredible videos and seeing your beautiful cards, I so get a kick out of what you write as well! Not to worry friend, “cheating” does not make up any part of your DNA…compassion, good will, humor, & talent – YES!, but not cheating. I’m like a little sister who follows you around (online) and has to try everything you do in card making. LOL! Thanks for another beauty! = )

  5. I realy like to watch your technics! I was wondering, since I don’t have that size of clear block, could I use acetat instead of a clear block to create that background?

    What do you think?


    Quebec, Canada

    • Darlene DeVries says:

      Hi Chantal – I bet that would work. I have done it directly on my craft mat and that worked also. Anything that repels water should do it.

  6. Hélène says:

    Very beautiful and simple. Thank you for sharing great card.

  7. Margaret says:

    Thanks Darlene for another fabulous card! Can’t believe so much water went onto that paper. Looking forward to seeing how mine turns out. Thanks again.

  8. Fantabulous as usual.

    Very much appreciate the links back to the previous cards. I was a way for 3 weeks on holiday and had a lot of catching up to do, craft-wise when I returned home. I did see the My 30th video, but in a rush, so I viewed it again and the snowflake one, just now.

    All these splendid ideas need a refresher…at least for my brain.

    Thanks again from BC, Canada

  9. Debbie B says:

    I can’t believe how you make everything look so easy and simple…………that’s the look of an experienced and talented person! Which you are 🙂 Thanks for sharing and as usual I’m off to my craft room to TRY and duplicate what you did… ha h ha:)

  10. Love it. Thanks

  11. Rosanne says:

    I love this….I have inked my block but I have to give this another try!

  12. Once again you’ve taken a simple concept and made it lovely and elegant. I’m inspired by every thing you make! Holly M.

  13. Jean Dugger says:

    I am so inspired by all your cards. I do look forward to Wednesday mornings to see your new creation. Thank you. Jean

  14. I love this card – like I love all your cards!! – And, you’re a bad lady for posting your list tomorrow when I’m at work – luckily that starts my lunch break – so I hope to see something I can’t live without 🙂

  15. I like that background technique! Great card.

  16. Love the doability (not a real word) of this card and, no, I don’t feel cheated at all. Can’t wait to see what you put on sale, maybe we can do the “hoarders show” together.

  17. beautiful card ! thank you for your videos!

  18. Love to make a background like that! Pretty card Darlene! Thanks for the video!

  19. Darlene, this is such a brilliant, beautiful card! I checked out the card that was “pretty similar” but feel that they are both unique and gorgeous. In fact, the “Just a Note” card is exceptionally beautiful. I remember oohing and ahhhing when I first opened that post. Thanks for sharing today’s card and technique…you’re awesome!

    Also, it sounds like letting go of your retired stamps is hard to do. Good for you for having the courage to do it.

  20. I chuckled when I heard you say “This week I did something pretty simple”! LOL! Simple is relative, my dear!
    Beautiful card….love it and all the techniques you used….very nice!


  21. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Hello Darlene: I’m amazed at how well that white paper took all of that water and how beautifully all the colors blended with each other. Pretty simple but really awesome card. I think I’m going to get my hands on some Nina Cardstock ASAP.
    Thanks for today’s card, as always, you did a fantastic job!!

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