Wednesday’s Card: Mother’s Day Bouquet

Mother's Day

Hi All,

Today I am trying something different with my video. As you know, I usually just play music while I create the card. For this week and next week, I am still going to play music, but I am also doing a voice-over that explains what I am doing. I’m also hoping that my talking will eliminate the music rights issues I always encounter in countries outside the US. Let me know what you think!

I also went back to my “clean” roots and created a card that is very, what’s the word… organized and tidy?? I’ve been using a lot of distress inks recently, which make me a little uncomfortable sometimes. All that color and coverage!! I’m still working on the balance of clean and colorful. 🙂

I figured that it’s probably time to start working on some Mother’s Day cards! Mother’s Day is on May 8th this year – two weeks from Sunday!

The stamp set I used here is Awash with Flowers. I used it not so long ago to create THIS CARD. It’s very cute and whimsical.

Enjoy the video!

SONG: “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina.



  1. Anna Jernigan says:

    Love the simple but lovely card. I didn’t know you just started doing voice-overs, because you have done them on all the videos I have watched…so far. I’m guessing the farther back I go, there will just be music. I do like voice-overs if given an option. Makes me feel like I am in the room watching the card-making from start to finish. Easy listening, and nice technique! Need to do more paper-piecing, or stamping on patterned paper. I get into ruts, I think. When I find myself making the “same” type of card over and over……….oops! That’s why it is so much fun to watch videos, get some “new” ideas, or remember some forgotten ones. TFS.

  2. Thank you Darlene for sharing so many exciting techniques during your time with Faber Castell. You have been truly inspiring and your tutorials are so clear and easy to understand. Love the Gelatos too!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Absolutely love the voice over! Very nice card…thanks for sharing! :o)

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